How Collaboration in Business Makes a Difference to Women

By noon today I felt defeated. I had a few reasons that started me down this path, including another day of two sick kids following my every move as I tried to navigate a schedule full of conference calls (very thankful for the quick response of the mute button on my headset!) and client deadlines. The stress of trying to juggle work, constant sickness and holding everything together at home was finally taking a toll on me.

My last call of the day left me marked with the most lasting impression. Instead of feeling stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted, the call left me energized and optimistic. It solidified that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

Every other week the women who are members of Equita have a call to discuss a wide range of things. It is a time to share a new tool you discovered that has made your client service process more efficient, ideas for marketing better to COIs, or strategizing about the fee structure for a prospective client. Today we dove right into discussing our business goals for 2019. After starting my planning firm almost 4 years ago, the conversation made me realize that the way I think about my business plan and goals for the year was different than the way everyone else approached their business plan. Each of us had a different way of approaching this task. Some plans were in a spreadsheet format carefully detailing out expected revenue, others were nicely written documents listing out marketing plans and new ways to find prospective clients. Mine is more of a mix by taking a little from the spreadsheet, some from the written goals, but most of all mine is a list of bullet points on a glass whiteboard in my office. When I complete one of these items it is the BEST feeling in the world to physically cross it off the list. I look at the list every single day. The point of the conversation was not focused on the best way to write a business plan for 2019, but an opportunity to look at the process from different perspectives. It was a chance to be vulnerable, to learn, and a reason to be excited not only about where my firm is headed this year, but where every woman in the group is headed.

Bridget and I have conversations every single day with women who want to take the leap and build the financial planning business they want. Each conversation is unique because each woman has her own challenges to make it happen, and her own hesitations. How do you leave a paycheck and support your personal and business expenses? Will your clients want to continue to work with you once you leave the firm you are at? How do you go about finding the solutions you need to run your business? Where do you even start? It can all be extremely overwhelming and can leave you paralyzed. Trust me when I say that we have been there. Equita is not about just Bridget and I, it is about creating a community of women to support one another and build successful businesses.

This is exactly where I am supposed to be. A place that allows me to build my planning firm, Method Financial Planning, the way I want and work with the clients I want to work with. It is also a place that allows me to offer my clients the planning and service solutions that they would expect from a much larger firm, and a place where I feel supported as part of a community that has so much to offer.

If you are thinking about the next step in your career we would love to start the conversation.

Written by Katie Burke, Co-Founder of Equita Financial Network and President of Method Financial Planning.

Author: Equita