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Equita Financial Network's Katie Burke in Thrive Global

Katie Burke in Thrive Global - “Don’t Panic: Today is not forever”

Thrive Global interviews Katie Burke as a part of their series about how busy women leaders are addressing new challenges that come with working from home, homeschooling, and sheltering in place.

Katie Burke Elected to NAPFA's Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Region Board of Directors as Treasurer

Katie Burke recently earned the role of treasurer on NAPFA's Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Region (NEMA) Board of Directors.

Money Management for Female Professionals During the Pandemic

Bridget Grimes, Founder and President of WealhChoice, knows that there is a lot on everyone’s mind, and financial uncertainty creates tremendous stress. Tell your clients to take a few breaths, limit intake of the news, and get their hands around their financial situation. There are some actions they can take to make sure they will be okay now and in the future.

Truman Wealth Advisors' Mindy McCubbin said these are tricky financial times for all.

McCubbin said it will be hard to avoid the global impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and normalcy will likely come well after the stay-at-home orders lift. "We're going to all have to pull together to restart the big engine that is the U.S. economy, and that may look messy because it is such a large piece of the global economic engine," she said.

Bridget Venus Grimes, co-founder of Equita Financial Network Talks Real Business

Grimes knows first hand that serving clients and running a business are two very different things. This article highlights the differences between a traditional business plan and a financial advisor business plan through several advisors' lenses.

Equita Financial Network Featured in Weekend Reading for Financial Advisors

Researchers hypothesize that the reason may be limitations on women getting higher salary or promotions (extrinsic components of career success) at large firms, and consequently are opting for the personal happiness and growth (intrinsic motivators of success) at smaller firms, in addition to the ability to control their fees and what they charge (effectively ensuring that they are able to charge what they believe they are worth).

Equita Financial Network Announces New Member Firm

Equita Financial Network, Inc., a recently launched network of independent, women-led financial planning firms nationwide, announced that Truman Wealth Advisors of Columbia, Missouri, led by Mindy McCubbin, has joined the Equita platform. Truman Wealth Advisors was founded to provide objective financial planning to professionals, as well as independence and autonomy for McCubbin, according to Equita.

New Columbia group looks to boost investment in women-led startups

Mindy McCubbin and Susan Hart speak at inaugural COMO W.I.N.E. event on July 18. The group, which held its first networking event on Thursday, wants to “propel the early-stage growth” of women-led companies, according to one of its founders, Mindy McCubbin, the owner of Truman Wealth Advisors in Columbia, Missouri.

Author, Bridget Venus Grimes, discusses how to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

In order to get you where you want to go, both personally and financially, you need to know the roadblocks that could derail your goals and how to blast through them with poise, passion and purpose. That’s where Bridget Grimes, author of Corner Office Choices – The Executive Woman’s Guide to Financial Freedom, comes in. In this episode, she offers her holistic approach to financial career and personal planning that give you the tools to build your ideal life.

Empowering Females in Finance with Katie Burke and Bridget Grimes

Did you know that fewer than one in four CFP® professionals are women and it’s been that way for at least a decade? Financial planning can be a great place for women to work, grown and thrive. So, why is it not attracting more women? Its an industry about building relationships, problem solving, having control over your work and problem solving. All characteristics of a great field that should be appealing to both men and women.

Dedicated Succession Planning Can Thwart Bad Apple Advisors

Grimes, who co-founded the Equita Financial Network with advisor Katie Burke, admits it’s difficult to find a successor. Too many retiring advisors simply want to sell their business, collect their payout and call it a day, or a life. Lured by the payout, many advisors are quick to assure clients they are in good hands. But many mom-and-pop investors are relying on that advisor to make the right long-term decisions, Grimes noted.

Firm Serving Women-Led RIAs Bulks Up Investment Offering

Equita Financial Network Announces New Chief Investment Strategist Mario Nardone. Equita Financial Network, a recently established RIA network for independent advisory firms led by women, has recruited Mario Nardone as its chief investment strategist, the company announced. Nardone, the president and co-founder of East Bay Financial Services in Charleston, S.C., serves as an outside chief investment officer. He provides member firms with tailored portfolio oversight, wealth management guidance and investment due diligence.

Advisors Katie Burke and Bridget Grimes launched Equita Financial Network in May for women-led financial planning firms.

This month, advisors Katie Burke and Bridget Grimes launched “Equita Financial Network“, an RIA specifically intended for women-led advisory firms who want to affiliate with a larger RIA entity for technology, compliance, and other back office support, while continuing to maintain their own brand and business (ostensibly by operating as a DBA under the Equita parent company’s RIA).

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